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Driving School Web Design

Driving School Web Design - DriversEdDriversEd is a driving school with a difference run by an RSA qualified Approved Driving Instructor.

Providers of Essential Driver Training (EDT), car driving lessons, truck driving lessons, EB trailer lessons and more.

I provided Ed with my first fully responsive web design.

What makes this website so special is its ability to adapt to various screen sizes.

The site comes with 4 distinct layouts, each meant to improve Ed’s visitor’s experience when browsing on mobile phones and tablets.

No longer will they need to zoom and scroll to view your site, as the website’s layout will adapt to the small screen and serve Ed’s content in an intuitive way automatically.

Just try reducing your browser’s window size when viewing the site to see the magic in action!

The site uses coding best practices to ensure it is fast and secure, and is compatible with all the most popular internet browsers.

Visit DriversEd or view more projects.