Responsive Web Design Wicklow

I offer an extensive range of services for all your web design requirements from my base in Wicklow Town. From completely new websites, to mobile responsive web design, to website redesigns, to eCommerce websites – I have a solution for you.


New Websites

Are you looking to get a new website designed and developed? I offer a full range of web design services for your business – from new start-ups to large corporate clients, I supply mobile responsive web design, development, eCommerce solutions and much more.

Now more than ever businesses need an online presence. The days of people searching for businesses offline are gone.  Most people will simply enter what they are looking for into Google and quickly find the service they are looking for.

I build many different types of websites for businesses including one-page brochure sites, large corporate sites, CMS or blog sites, portfolio or gallery sites.


Responsive Web Design (Mobile Web Development)

Responsive web design (mobile web development) basically means the website will respond and adapt to whatever screen size or mobile device you use to view it on.

With the number of internet users using mobile devices to browse websites, mobile responsive web design is an absolute must have for every business.

All new websites I build now display beautifully and intuitively on all devices. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone.

Just try reducing your browser’s window size when viewing the site to see the magic in action!


Website Redesigns

If you are a bit embarrassed to hand out your web address then you might need to consider a redesign. Done correctly, a redesign will help reflect your business properly.


eCommerce Website Design

I design, develop and optimise bespoke eCommerce web projects for you to sell your products all day every day. I provide eCommerce systems which generate round the clock sales.


Why Robbie Dover?

With more than 15 years IT experience, I’m confident I can help your online business with a website to be proud of. I have built websites for small Wicklow based business and large international corporates alike. To see how I do it, you can check out my web design process.

Over time, I have earned a reputation for delivering creative projects on time and on budget.

My clients and freelancers get treated with the respect, honesty and professionalism they deserve.


My Services Include:


Web Design Studio?

I’m not an ‘agency’, a ‘boutique studio’ or a ‘one-stop web design shop’. Plain and simple, I specialise in planning, designing and building websites that look good and get found!

Please feel free to browse through a selection of my work in my web design portfolio.


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