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Working from home can be great and most freelance web designers that I know do in fact work (very productively) from home. However there are of course disadvantages to working from home. Here, from my experience,  is a list of the top 5 disadvantages of working from home.

Disadvantages of working from home

1) Family, Friends & Neighbours

We all love them (or at least the majority of us love the majority of them!) but holy catfish they just don’t get the idea of a freelancer working from home. Why? Because as soon as they need a natter with someone, be it about last night’s thrilling episode of Eastenders or what next-door neighbour Mary’s little pussy-cat did to their beautiful flowers or the latest argument to have the marriage on the rocks, they’re gonna phone you up or drop in on you for a cuppa because you’re at home all day, not working from home, just at home.


2) Social Networks & Forums

Where do we start with these little headaches. The theory? Social networks & forums are a fan-bloody-tastic invention which helps like-minded people connect with each other all over the world. The reality? The founders of these websites created them to make copious amounts of money. Millions of people daily will log onto the-nosey-parker-face-page-thingy Facebook to stalk their ex’s page and have their egos stroked after uploading 2,000 photos to the bits-n-bobs album, and even more will log onto Twitter to find out which celebrity is the latest to post an update from the comfort of their million dollar toilet seat. If you seriously want to make working from home a success, take a stance and log out of these monsters.


3) Door-To-Door Salespeople

Knock knock .. no thank you, I do not want to hear about how you can save me a small fortune on my electricity bill. Ding dong .. no thank you, I do not want my patio spring-cleaned in November. Tap, tap, tap .. no thank you, I do not want to setup a direct debit to donate 5 cent a month to save a flippin dinosaur in Bangladesh. What I would like is for you nice people to take a polite no thank you, I’m not interested as an answer, to reach your sales targets elsewhere and leave me to get on with working from my home office.


4) Low Starting Income, Long Hours

Yip, the entrepreneur in your little head is telling you this time next year Rodney, we’ll be millionaires but what he forgets to tell you is it takes most professionals working from home up to 12 months and more to reach the level of pay they were receiving in their paid office careers. Bear in mind also that despite the fact you’ve closed the doors of your home office at 7pm – some customers believe that because you work from home, your door is always open. So when Joe Soap just happens to be passing by at 11pm, you need to find a polite way of saying stop taking the p*ss mate, I’ll see you during office hours tomorrow – for the sanity of you and your nearest and dearest.


5) Loneliness

As Akon often reminds me from my iPod – lonely, i am so lonely, i have nobody, to call my owwwwwwwwnnnnn – OK I just slapped myself for that but there’s no denying the fact that freelance web design is a lonely world. This might seem contradictory given the slating I gave my family, friends, neighbours, cold-callers and social networks for causing distraction but the truth is you have no colleagues or boss to talk to so if you’re a people-person, working from home might not be for you.



This is by no means the gospel according to blablabla, simply my own humble opinion on some of the things that irritate freelance web designers most whilst trying to work from home. There are of course many more disadvantages but my rule of thumb is – if something’s not working for you change it and on the other hand if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.


That’s the disadvantages of working from home, next come the advantages!