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How To Promote Your New Website

    So you designed, developed and launched your new website. Your next goal is quite simply to get people to visit it!

    Below I show you how to promote your new website in 10 simple steps to help you market and promote your website.

    How to promote your new website in 10 steps

    1. Add your website address to your email signature – thus making sure every outgoing email lists your website address.
    2. Add your website address to your business cards, letterheads and all future print material.
    3. Send an email to your family, friends and clients announcing the launch of your new website and ask them for their feedback.
    4. Let your suppliers and companies you work with know you have a new website and where available, ask them to link back to your website from theirs.
    5. Make sure your website address is included in future print advertisements for your business.
    6. Announce the launch of your website with a link from social networks like twitter, facebook and google plus.
    7. Add a blog to your website and update it regularly with fresh content relating to your business.
    8. Participate on forums related to your business and make sure you add your website link to your signature in the forum and invite people to contact you there.
    9. If you advertise on radio or TV, make sure your website address is mentioned.
    10. Host a competition that can only be entered by visiting your website.

    The above 10 steps might appear like I’m stating the obvious but you’d be amazed how many website owners tell me they never thought of it when I ask them did they include their web address in these places.